Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Camp Ideas

Capture.PNGMy experience at camp was a blast. I really enjoyed the activities especially
Archery. I enjoyed doing Archery because the targets were very challenging. I also enjoyed going to the beach because I had fun exploring the area.

Friday, 11 November 2016


Learn: We will learn to have some understanding of conscience and the catholic conscience!

Friday, 14 October 2016

Margaret Louisa Aylward

Friday 14th October 2016

(Patrick) Paragraph 1 Explanation:Margaret Louisa Aylward was born in Waterford on November 23rd 1810. She was the fifth child of William Aylward and Ellen Murphy. Her father helped establish a group that helped unfortunate citizens.

(Stanley) Paragraph 2 Explanation
I think my paragraph was about the land and fortune of the murphy family was being passed down to the Aylward family. !
(Faleaka) Paragraph 3 Explanation:  Thomas Meagher, father of Thomas Francis Meagher was one of the Margaret Aylward’s most prized person.   

(Lusia) Paragraph 4  Explanation: Margaret Louisa Aylward had a strong connection with Br Rice and the christian brothers and have already notice about their uncles connection. Also Margaret and the christian brothers help the irish children's needs by putting them in a school with a help called the presentation sisters.

(Peli) Paragraph 5 Explanation:
Margaret Aylward received her early education in a small Quaker school in Waterford where she lived for 4 years teaching in the convent and working in a charity pawn shop. Margaret's sister Catherine had joined the Irish Sisters of Charity in Dublin Margaret also joined in 1834 receiving the religious name Sr. Mary Alphonsus Ligouri.

(Wela) Paragraph 6 Explanation:
Margaret Aylward was in a city, where she would labour for the rest of her life.  

(Manu)Paragraph 7 Explanation: Margaret She was attempted to be an Charity and She was Explaining About Her Death and When She Died and It Was October (11) 1889 And Thee aged 79 Years old.

Monday, 19 September 2016


This is the result of my Prototec I do every Monday. As you can see I have improved my time and a little bit of the answers I got correct. My class room7 do this every Monday to see if they have improved. Some room7 have improved a lot and some improved a little. Thank you.

Friday, 16 September 2016

My experoence at volleyball

         My experience at volleyball. 
My experience at volleyball. Today at volleyball it was amazing because I learnt how to hit the ball over the net properly and also learnt how to spike. During Kiwi Sport we had to combine into partners my partner was J.t. After a while most of the boys got into 2 groups including me we started versing each other we had a lot fun. My class room 7 sure had a great time at kiwi sport.

Thursday, 1 September 2016


Learn:  For the week  my goal was to identify a fractions on a number line. my fraction was 6/10 I achieved it by using blend space and maths is fun.

What I know about Spain.
Map of Spain

Spain is located in the southwestern side of Europe, and it is located near Portugal, France. etc.

Monday, 8 August 2016

My prototec Reocrd for this week

CyberBulling !

Mon 8 Aug 2016
Image result for cyber bullyingA policeman named Constable Gordon had Came to talk to room7 about being smart online, I learnt that to don't bully online because it can hurt other people's feelings. you need to be cyber smart by commenting kind comments And also when you post a comment that is bad it'll never be deleted because the provider of that site can see and everyone in the world can see. So I guess you be cyber smart.

LETS STOP CYBERBULLY !Image result for cyber bullying

Friday, 29 July 2016

Narrative Writing

Once upon a time there was a boy named Caleb, he had a next door neighbor, she was a girl Caleb liked her but he was afraid to tell her, her name is called Juliette but Caleb and the other kids from school called her Julie for short, Caleb and Julie were best friends.

They told their parents that they were going camp which was in the forest, they accepted it and said that they could go. It was a long walk, it was getting dark so they set up their tents and their other camp stuff. Caleb was tired so he went to sleep but his best friend Julie was still awake looking up at the sky singing twinkle twinkle little star.

Then suddenly Caleb was annoyed by her singing and said, “Shhhhhh i'm trying to sleep here.” Julie grabbed her ukulele and went into the dark and started to sing her favourite song. Then Caleb turned around and said, ‘Do me a favour please, go to sleep” she ignored me and continued to sing. I was furiously cross with Julie, after she sang and came back Caleb asked, “may I borrow your ukulele?” She said yes then Julie handed it over to Caleb then he threw it into the fire. She was so upset, Caleb didn’t care cause he was so tired. He couldn't go to sleep because of her crying He felt worried about her. So he said i'm really sorry i was tired i'll buy you a new ukulele tomorrow Jullie smiled and said promise then Caleb said Promise. The End                                                        

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Book Day

Book Day.
Today St Pius X School came as a characters in our favourite book.. The reason why we came in our character of our favourite book is because it was a way of enjoying reading. I came and I was embarrasses because nearly the whole class had costumes . But Miss Tui had some. so some of us choose and put it on. We went to the hall for a Duffy assembly. Each class had to go up and say what character we are and from what book.   

Today was a Amazing day because almost everybody came in their favorite character's. My favorite part of the day was when we had to pick what to wear. :)  

Trip to the Cathedral

Trip to the Cathedral
On Friday the 1st of July St. Pius X School went on a trip to the St Patrick’s Cathedral. We traveled there by bus. We went to the Cathedral because it was the year mercy and we went on a pilgrimage journey which is a journey of Faith and Mercy..

Once we arrived  we waited outside the Cathedral then we walked into the door of mercy which the bishop had blessed.. We walked inside and we touched the holy water and blessed ourselves, and genuflected then went to sit down..

After that Fr Larry started singing and coming up to the Altar which was the main place where all priests stays. Later on the mass kept on going until after communion. Later on Mrs Tui told us to sing a song while the Parish members were going up for Communion, we had to sing bread broken, wine shared.

Later on we all had to go to the altar so we can take a school photos. After that Fr Larry gave us a little tour around the church, the first thing he told us were the Stained Glass Windows. On the Stained Windows there was a picture of Jesus and Mary on the day of Assumption.

Meanwhile Mrs Tui told us that we can go for morning tea which will be held in the Parish Hall. After morning we had to come back to school so we can go back to school. We had the most exciting day. We wish we could go back sometimes. 


Year 8 Retreat

Retreat was very fun and cool. I wish I could go there once again. My favourite thing we did there is going to the chapel to Pray,trying to make Noah’s art with 2 rocks on it and the last favorite is sleeping with our room partners and watching kid president. The year 8 sure had an fun and learned a lot by being awesome time and I wish me and the yr 8 went Back again :) .  


My whole school went on a trip to the Ruapotaka Marae. We walked there because it was not far. When we finally got there this lady from the Marae was calling us in Maori and then Ana-Lei replied back in Maori because she was representing our school. We stayed at the marae till we had to go to Technology. We had so much fun making new stuff and learning new Maori songs. I wish we could go there again sometime.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Science Roadtrip show !

Tuesday May 31 2016
Today Room 7 and Room 5 went to Tamaki college for a science roadshow. I went with Motu, his Mum, Pio, Anthony, Wela and Fano.

I saw some amazing different stations with different stuff but I didn't go to all of them. The first station I went to was the station where you have to put your hand inside and you have to feel what it is inside. It was cool because you could feel something inside. My favourite station was speedball because you have to throw the ball at the target as hard and fast as you can. My highest score was 92 kilometres.

I learnt that dolphins can hear from a far distance. I liked how we got to experiment different stations and thank them for teaching us stuff about science. I really want to go back again.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Best Writing term 1 2016

    Soul Friend Shared launch

On a lovely sunny day my class and room 1 went to mass in the morning. We had soul friends from room 1 that we went with to. my Soul Friend’s Name is Aniseko He is in room 1 and he is 5 turning 6 on  August the 5th. He is a year 1. He likes playing wrestling and likes to watch wwe. He is kind and mean sometimes. After Mass we had a Soul Friend shared launch

  1. full stops green
   2. Capital letter Blue

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul Friend


                        Thursday 17 March 2016
Soul Friend
What is a soul friend?
Soul friend Is a person that has Friendship with two people where they can help and support each other. You can share stories and do other stuff and play with them. They can be younger than you or older. Having a Soul friend is like having a little brother or little sister.

My Soul Friend’s Name is Aniseko He is in room 1 and he is 5 turning 6 on  August the 5th. He is a year 1. He likes playing wrestling and likes to watch wwe. He is kind and sometimes cry fast.IMG_0663.JPG      

Thursday, 11 February 2016

My first week in Room 7

My First week in Room 7 was awesome because I was in a class I haven't been in before. I got lots of new friends i haven't had before.  And this year i'm gonna try my best