Friday, 29 July 2016

Narrative Writing

Once upon a time there was a boy named Caleb, he had a next door neighbor, she was a girl Caleb liked her but he was afraid to tell her, her name is called Juliette but Caleb and the other kids from school called her Julie for short, Caleb and Julie were best friends.

They told their parents that they were going camp which was in the forest, they accepted it and said that they could go. It was a long walk, it was getting dark so they set up their tents and their other camp stuff. Caleb was tired so he went to sleep but his best friend Julie was still awake looking up at the sky singing twinkle twinkle little star.

Then suddenly Caleb was annoyed by her singing and said, “Shhhhhh i'm trying to sleep here.” Julie grabbed her ukulele and went into the dark and started to sing her favourite song. Then Caleb turned around and said, ‘Do me a favour please, go to sleep” she ignored me and continued to sing. I was furiously cross with Julie, after she sang and came back Caleb asked, “may I borrow your ukulele?” She said yes then Julie handed it over to Caleb then he threw it into the fire. She was so upset, Caleb didn’t care cause he was so tired. He couldn't go to sleep because of her crying He felt worried about her. So he said i'm really sorry i was tired i'll buy you a new ukulele tomorrow Jullie smiled and said promise then Caleb said Promise. The End                                                        

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