Friday, 27 September 2013


Matthew 25:36
Total well-Being - Hauora.
physical well-being having a healthy body.
social well-being means  having family and friend support. mental being able to tell other what and
feel.spiritual being fo believe in god.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kids for kids Rcount

On a lovely, sunny Friday we went on a bus to Mangere for the kids for kids to practice our 20 songs. When we got there we were all excited when we got inside, we could hear the music playing and some of the schools was singing. There were 15 schools there as well as Nathan King, Jackie Clarke, Chris Clarke and Dayna. We were happy to see famous people there. My favourite song was ‘Don't Forget Your Roots’.
It was hot on the stage, we got our morning tea and sat on the seats and ate it and when we had finished we went back on the stage to sing some more songs. Rosalina sang by herself and Tokilupe danced to a song. When we had finished we got in the bus and went back to school, some people had a sleep on the bus.
When we got back to school we got an ice block and had to play on the courts.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Kids for Kids Rehearsal

On a lovely Friday morning we were all excited because we were going to the Life Convention Center so we could practice our 17 songs there. 

It was cool because there were 15 other schools and famous people like Jackie Clark, Nathan King and Chris. There was heaps of kids going to audition for the soloist parts and for the ukulele parts. It was cool there because I got to see heaps of famous people.