Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Science Roadtrip show !

Tuesday May 31 2016
Today Room 7 and Room 5 went to Tamaki college for a science roadshow. I went with Motu, his Mum, Pio, Anthony, Wela and Fano.

I saw some amazing different stations with different stuff but I didn't go to all of them. The first station I went to was the station where you have to put your hand inside and you have to feel what it is inside. It was cool because you could feel something inside. My favourite station was speedball because you have to throw the ball at the target as hard and fast as you can. My highest score was 92 kilometres.

I learnt that dolphins can hear from a far distance. I liked how we got to experiment different stations and thank them for teaching us stuff about science. I really want to go back again.


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  2. Hey Asipeli,
    it's your best friend Samiuela. I really like your wiring.
    The speed ball sounds like fun and that was a really high score.

    Keep up the good work Peli.

    From Samiuela😂😂