Thursday, 23 October 2014



Every Monday after morning tea at 10:50am we always go to Taekwondo and practice our skills and hitting the pads and kicking the pads we played a game called helicopter you have to jump over the rope if you get it from it it means your in. It was a fun game and we always learnt new things our teacher for Taekwondo name was miss yu we only had Taekwondo for 5 weeks as i wasent there for the last day of Taekwondo i was still sick as i fort if i were there it could of been fun.        




Thursday, 16 October 2014

A trip to Ambury farm

Last term 2014 On a lovely sunny day. Me and my class  went to Ambury farm and i was so exited when we got there i was happy to see the animals but 1st we had morning tea cause it was a long trip and we made butter after that i was so happy to see the cow's and lams and goats and a rooster.