Thursday, 23 October 2014



Every Monday after morning tea at 10:50am we always go to Taekwondo and practice our skills and hitting the pads and kicking the pads we played a game called helicopter you have to jump over the rope if you get it from it it means your in. It was a fun game and we always learnt new things our teacher for Taekwondo name was miss yu we only had Taekwondo for 5 weeks as i wasent there for the last day of Taekwondo i was still sick as i fort if i were there it could of been fun.        





  1. Hi Asipeli,
    I really liked reading your recount on Taekwondo. You have written your recount in lots of detail and have used plenty of describing words. Next time remember to choose the right font and to use full stops throughout your writing. About two years ago my class had a tutor from the Taekwondo club and I was asked to hold the pads for my class. I was the target during the Taekwondo lessons. Did anyone get hurt taking part in Taekwondo?
    I look forward to reading more of your posts Asipeli. Keep up the great writing.

    Miss Paton

  2. Hi Asipeli
    I like to look on to you bloog post and also Use another foot so we can read your blog post and . rember to use your foot and i love you read it


  3. Hi Asipeli,
    I like what you did to your recount. And I like what you have written and you have great details. But you have to choose the right font and put some fullstops. And did you have fun in the taekwondo?