Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Never Give Up.

Never give up.
This story is about a boy named Ben at rugby training. His Coach said “Go- go- go run as fast as you can, Ben was running as fast as he could and jumping over his team mates.  Ben's team mates were laying down, they were doing warm up’s. After Ben’s team were warmed up they did stretches to stretch their muscles in their calves and thighs, they counted up to 10. Ben’s team mates were concentrating on balancing and stretching to make their hamstring at the back of their knees strong.  Now it was time for them to practise their ball skills. Four cones were arranged in squares, they were practicing running and grabbing the ball. After they did that they did ball skills then they did 10 push ups. Then they did passing and catching skills, then tackle practise. You have to tackle low not high because if you tackle high that will be a high tackle.  After training they cooled down. They all yelled... Never give up.    

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