Friday, 2 August 2013

The Rainbow Bird

Long, long ago there were birds that were not colourful, they lived in the trees. They were jealous because the butterflies and the flowers were colourful but not them. They tried to put colour on their skin but it kept falling off because the rain came down.  There was a rainbow, they  looked at it, it was colourful, but something was destroying it. A bird from heaven came and he told them to go with him to save the rainbow and some of them came with him to the rainbow. They saw roaches destroying it and they began to fight . Ssome Birds were falling because they were tired of flying and some of them ate the roaches. The birds won, then the rainbow was new again and the birds went through the rainbow and turned colourful.  After they went back the other birds were jealous because they were colourful. If they had gone too they could of got colourful too.

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